Yes or No Button

Think about your question and click on this random Yes or No generator button and get your answer with one click.

What is Yes or No button?

This is a straightforward tool that will help you to make your decision quickly and easily. Sometimes you are in a situation where you have to choose either Yes or No, it can be hard to decide. But this tool will simplify this situation by offering you two clear options: Yes or No. So, it is like a digital Yes or No picker to make choices for you!

Our tool generate 100% accurate random answer. The chance of getting a “No” answer is 50% and also getting a “Yes” answer is 50%. So, you can simply click on the button and it will generate a accurate random answer for you. Our tool is purely made with HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

How to Use it?


First you will see the image containing the “Click Here” text. First Click on this image

Yes or No generator click here button screenshot


It will randomly generate a “Yes” or “No” for you.

Yes generator button screenshot
No generator button screenshot


If you want to generate random “Yes” or “No”. Then below this button, you will see a “Try Again” button. Simply click on this button.


Then you will see again randomly generated “Yes” or “No”. If you want to generate more then again and again click on this “Try Again” button and generate infinite random “Yes” or “No”.

Customizing Your Button

By default our tool will only generate a “Yes” or “No”. But this is not suitable for your situation. And you want to customize it and add a “May Be” button. Then you have to check the “Include May Be” Box.

After that, our tool will add a “May Be” in his randomly generated button. So, after checking this box when you click on the “Try Again” button it will randomly generate “Yes”, “No” or “May Be”.

When to Use This Yes or No Generator

You can use it different situations like:

  • Should I watch a movie tonight?
  • Should I take a nap now?
  • Should I call my friend?
  • Should I take the bus or walk?
  • Should I wear a jacket today?
  • Should I start reading a new book?
  • Should I cook dinner or order takeout?
  • Should I water the plants?
  • Should I take my umbrella?
  • Should I clean my room?

How to Share it?

If our tool has worked perfectly for you and you want to recommend or share this tool with some other friends or family members. You can easily do this by clicking on the share button. At the bottom, you will see the share button. You can share our website through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit, Tumblr etc. 

We Want to Hear Your Feedback

We always welcome our user feedback that helps us to improve our tool quality. So, if you are facing any issues please let us know through the Contact Us page or this email:

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In a world filled with endless choices, the Yes or No Button emerges as a beacon of simplicity and objectivity. While it’s perfect for light-hearted decisions and fun-filled activities, remember to exercise discretion for more critical matters. So go ahead, give it a try, and let the Yes or No Button unravel life’s mysteries with a simple click!

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